We have found it! While scouring the internet researching every corner of Arizona (the state I have fallen in love with and have convinced Travis we need to be permanent residents of) we discovered the land we wish to call home. It is a gorgeous little place North of St. Johns very near to the Zuni River. We are crossing all our fingers and toes that we can make it happen, and soon! We likely won’t reside there for at least a year, but if we can secure it then at least we know we are one step closer to building our dream home and having an alpaca ranch. We are planning a trip to go see the ranch community sometime in late October, early November and we hope to secure something at that time. I know I am ecstatic to have found such a beautiful place to call home and while he isn’t all giddy and ridiculously giggly about it as me, I know Travis is as well.