Here we are, over a year later and not really any closer to building our own tiny house. While are still avid followers of the movement, we just have not had the opportunity to begin. Which is actually a good thing, because we have changed our minds about what living tiny means to us in the last year. We want to live simply, with a foundation. We have searched and found blueprints that work for what we desire in a home. Nothing is concrete as we have found, so we are keeping an open mind!

We have gotten to a nomad life though. Travis is managing a game in a carnival and we have been travelling throughout California. We do go out of state a couple times, currently we are in Boise, ID. We go to Vegas and when we come back next year we start in Arizona. It has been great meeting so many new people! I hope to better record our encounters as we continue our travels. We have been sharing a travel trailer with my family and it has not been as bad as you might think. We are looking at buying our own trailer that is bigger to share for next season and then we will essentially have our own tiny house! We can use it while we build our own place once we find the place we wish to settle down.

There is also a new dream that we share, alpacas! Everything we do right now is focused on starting our own alpaca ranch. We really think they are the solution to what we want out of our lives. To live rural, be nice to the earth and it’s creatures (we are vegetarians, wavering on veganism!) and be involved in the circle of life. We look forward to having the acreage to make our first purchase and begin our quiet, simple, country life!

Anyways, this is where we are at right now. I am resolving to update this more regularly as Travis and I wish to delete our facebook accounts but keep in contact with our friends and family on the internet. I look forward to documenting our travels, struggles and triumphs.