We’ve had a… Setback. Yesterday, while out with a friend, our car bit the dust. Er, nibbled on dust? Sprout (as our sweet little Mazda 5 is known ’round these parts) isn’t dead, but she is going to cost a lot to fix. I am not thrilled. We just bought her 4 months ago, to the day, and the clutch went out. I guess that’s what we get for buying used without having a mechanic check her out.

At least, I think her clutch went out. Engine revs when given gas and we can shift into any gear we choose; without the clutch in… And she makes this awful stench. Some guy stopped to help us out and pointed out we are also leaking oil. Joy. So today, we had her towed to the family shop and have made arrangements to pay for her repairs via payments.

Though, I do have to say this really brings into perspective how much we want our very own tiny house. I mean, if we were not sinking money into utility bills and house repairs, we would probably have money saved up for issues like this. But as it stands, we lack the capability to save money. Stuck in the same monthly rotation of working so other people can profit. And it SUCKS. Now, instead of putting away our extra cash to buy a trailer, we have to put it all towards a fix that we should have a slush fund to cover. And things are pushed back some more. Hopefully we can find something super extra cheap.

Let the hunt begin.