Our journey to tiny house land began on April 12th with the tragic deaths of Glendon Engert and Robert Paris. The events of the day led my husband and I to decide that it was time for a career change. You see, Glendon and Robert were doing a regular thing; Robert would evict while Glendon re-keyed the property. Normal stuff for locksmiths and sheriffs. The only problem, is you have no idea what is waiting on the other side of the door. Unfortunately, that day the other side had a disgruntled man who took the lives of those just doing their job. Trav is a locksmith. In a city not far from Modesto, with a high rate of crime. With our baby, we decided we would more actively pursue the life we wanted instead of just getting by.

I have a cousin whose boyfriend works in North Dakota in the oil fields. Lots of openings and great pay, not even working ON a rig. We decided this was our ticket out of here. We began our figuring and soon realized there was no housing in ND and I would have to stay here while Travis went off to work. Neither of us were super fans of that idea, but we were willing to go through with it if it meant we could save money to build our dream home on our dream property. My cousin mentioned that her boyfriend had begun staying in trailers on-site, and that theoretically, we could get our own trailer and we (Roghan and I) could in fact go with Travis.

What a grand idea I thought! I could totally downsize to an RV and be nomadic. I actually would rather enjoy such a thing. So the planning started. How would we do this, manage that? Where would we get our water and power? And oh my goodness, HOW IN THE HECK WOULD I DO LAUNDRY?! I cloth diaper, I cannot live without a washer. The research commenced and I discovered all sorts of RV washing machines, washer/dryer combo’s and my favorite the Wonder Wash. The wonder wash requires less water, NO electricity and takes up less space. It is a hand crank, but takes less than 10 minutes to wash and rinse an entire 5lb load. AMAZING.

The Wonder wash led me on yet another excursion for information and I wound up here, at the Tiny House Blog. And down I fell. I would say I am so far down the rabbit hole, that I am flying over rabbit hole China. (Yup, that was cheesy. That’s how I roll. Get used to it.) I love the camaraderie of tiny house people, already so many wonderful people that I have conversed with! I love how everyone has a similar goal in mind of a small impact on Earth with a large impact on society. Tiny house people need a slogan similar to “Think globally, act locally.” Maybe we (yes, I consider myself a tiny house person since I wholeheartedly intend on living in one) could go with, “Live small, give all.” I’ll work on it…

We have since 86’d the ND idea, it just is not for us. I already have drawn up plans for our tiny house. A custom family design that Travis and I have come to love. We work on the details and discuss the best way to plumb… It’s so great that we both love this idea so much that we both get lost in the planning. We are hoping to go look at a trailer tonight, it’s beat to hell and needs some work, but we don’t mind putting in the effort. Thank you so much Andrew and Crystal from tiny r(e)volution and Carrie and Shane from Clothesline Tiny Homes for being the friendly push that made me want this dream so much more.

I hope you take the time to remember Glendon and Robert, two men whose lives were cut short.